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Google search has really become part of our lives now. May it be researching for a new travel destination to finding the cheapest hotels, it’s amazing how we can get information in such a short matter of time. There’s no need for us to make phone calls or unnecessary trips to get the information we need. I, for one use Google search everyday, when writing my posts as there are some things that I need to check and confirm first before publishing them or learning new tips on blogging. Just now, I used it to search on “how to create a screen shot ” ( picture below).

And since, I’m using Google Search often and in fact it’s my homepage now, I decided to personalize my Google Homepage by placing my favorite travel photo instead of the usual pale and white standard Google Search Page.

So, there after searching and learning how to create a screen shot so, you I could post it. Here is my Personalized Google homepage now.The photo I placed is one of my favorite photos. This was taken in Rawai Beach, Phuket. Cool isn’t? Well, you might want to try this out. It’s a break from the same old google page we see everyday.

One thought on “Cool Search

  1. I used goggle as my homepage before because I am a searc-addict. But since, I found out of homepages friends, I instantly made it as my homepage because it gives me earning while I perform my usual daily searches, which is a good thing.

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