For The Music Enthusiasts

Who can’t live without music? When traveling always make sure to bring your i pod, MP3 or latest gadget with you. These small equipment can really help you lighten your mood whenever traveling time is just stressful. Who won’t get stressed when the immigration officer is trying to give you a difficult time entering their country? Music can also keep boredom away when trains or buses are hours delayed or those seeming endless waiting time or long queues.

For our family, we usually travel by car so we make sure we bring our CDs or our USB FM modulator to play non stop music. We play certain kinds of songs to put our kids to sleep or make them awake. It depends on the need. :)

If you are a real music enthusiast, I know you’ll be bringing more hi tech gadgets with you to be able to listen or watch your favorite kind of music or music videos. More or less, you will also be having your own list of favorite DJs, or would want to go to the clubs with your kind of music wherever you go. Then you might want to check out some free house music videos where you can’t just watch your favorite music videos but can learn about the hottest DJs and nightclubs around the world.

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