Requirements for Thai Cars Crossing Malaysia

We have been asked by many of our expatriate friends on what are the requirements for a Thai vehicle to cross Malaysia and being used their internally. Thus, I’m reposting this entry from my other blog.

So, here is a list of the requirements and this list might be helpful to a few of you who might have some friends residing in Thailand and would want to drive a Thai vehicle to Malaysia.

1) Thai Car Registration translated in English. This must be done by a translator recognized and authourized by the Thai Government. A few of them are found in the city area.

2) If you’re not driving your own car or the car’s registration is NOT under your name, then you need an authorazation letter from the owner of the car. This must also be in English.

3) Car Insurance . This insurance can be purchased at the Duty Free shop or the small insurance offices on the right hand side, once you cross the Malaysian border.

4) Translated License Plate Sticker. Since Thai license plates are written in Thai scripts, so it’s a must to have this translated into the roman alphabets to be understood in the Malaysian side. You can have the stickers made at the same place where you buy the insurance. Cost : 10 RM or 100 Baht

5) Go to the Land and Transport Department of Malaysia or JPJ Jabatan Pernakutan Malaysia (still located at the right hand side, immediately after you cross the Malaysian Immigration and customs), fill up a form and submit the requirements #1-4. They will then give you a temporary Malaysian registration called ICP ( International Circulation P… something, forgot what P stands for). You must stick this small square piece of document on your windshield.

Then off you go and Happy Driving in Malaysia!

…coming up next…Requirements for Malaysian Vehicles crossing Thailand

3 thoughts on “Requirements for Thai Cars Crossing Malaysia

  1. Do you know where can i renew the ICP? it only issued for 3 months, now is time to renew, is it compulsory drive down to border again just for renewal?? thx

  2. We haven’t tried this yet, but we have always assumed that we could renew at any JPJ branches ( Land transport Departments) in Malaysia. Why don’t you give it a try to check with the JPJ branch nearest to you, bringing all the reqmnts and ICP..

    Hope you could let us know how it goes too..


  3. actually this is my coll’s car, she tried to ask JPJ in Putra Jaya b4 but it seems like she need to drive down Bkt Kayu Hitam again just for another 3 months renewal….
    Wonder if there is any runner for this…

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