The New Taiping, Malaysia

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Taiping has been known throughout Malaysia as a quiet, laid back town. It is famous for the oldest zoo, oldest prison, first rail way track among all other things in Malaysia.

The first time I stepped on the place 8 years ago, I fell in love with this simple town. For me, it’s a good place to relax and destination for a holiday. But I couldn’t have imagine myself living there and staying long term. Why? Because I’m a city girl. I love the malls, modern architecture, fast food chains and etc. 8 years ago, they only had one ‘big’ superstore which was Taiping Jaya and all the rest are small shops. There wasn’t even any cinemas. But I was already happy that at least they had KFC, Mcdonald’s and Pizza Hut.

But fast forward Taiping year 2008. This place has really boomed and bloomed with hypermarkets and malls sprouting near the Kamunting Area. About 2 years ago, Giant Hypermarket has opened and last year Tesco followed suit.This month will also be the grand opening of Taiping Sentral which has it’s own cinema, Starbucks coffee shop, Sushi King and a lot more! Isn’t it exciting? Well, I AM excited..heheh! Apart from that there’s a new excellent subdivision built called Columbia with a big , hi tech hospital. But looking from the design and huge houses, this looks like a subdivision for the rich and famous. :)

I wonder what other things are coming for this once small, old town.

3 thoughts on “The New Taiping, Malaysia

  1. Taiping! I have been there once a few year ago! It’s really a peaceful town, and we went to the Taiping zoo too! I really find that the Taiping zoo is exotic, cos feel that the animals are so near to us, only separated from us with low fencing! Come and think about it, a little dangerous to visitors! Nonetheless, I like the zoo! =D Also, the willows in Taiping park.

  2. Urbanization is taking place at the countryside. its a beautiful narration u have here.

    I dropped u an entrecard. Pls drop in mine, too. Thank u , sis.

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