How To Travel Safe in Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the best roads systems in Asia but sadly a lot of accidents happen on the road. Last year alone, it has been said that there were around 6,000 deaths caused by road accidents and over a hundred thousand total of report minor and major accidents. Even as our family frequently travels from Thailand to Malaysia and back, we have seen a lot of accidents, people being hurt, cars and motorbikes being smashed or dented, and etc. It would be good if those cars get Vehicle Reimbursement . But lives are irreplaceable so one has to be very careful.

Therefore if you’re an expatriate wanting to drive the Malaysian highway, here is a share of our tips on how to travel or drive safely in Malaysia.

1) Be sure to obey the basic rules: Fastening of seatbelts including the passengers at the back, driving within the maximum speed limit ( which is 110 km/hr in the high ways) , obeying parking signs, avoiding the use of handphones while driving (must always use hands free set) and etc. Obeying all these basic rules doesn’t just save your life but a penalty if 300 RM if you get caught by the police. :)

2) Avoid traveling during the holiday. During this month, the Ramadan/Hari Raya season, the government is always in the look out of ways to decrease the number of accidents. It’s during these days when there will be a lot of motorists and therefore a lot of accidents too.

3) Make sure your car is in a very good condition. There are a lot of accidents and deaths caused by cars breaking down at the middle of the highway.

4) If you have to stop your car and check it, avoid doing it so at the emergency lanes. If possible, wait till you get to the nearest Rest and Recreation areas, gasoline stations or Parking areas. We have heard of people got run over by cars as they just stopped their car on the side of the road and got down to check it.

5) Always be ALERT. Even if your in your right of way, driving within the speed limit and within your lane, BUT some drivers are just plain reckless and you’re not in control of what they do. So, always be alert and cautious.

6) Last but not the least, pray for God’s safety and protection. This is the best advice we can ever give as God is our protector and He answers us when we pray. :)

Have a safe and blessed trip to ALL!

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  1. oh so true..
    but malaysia’s roads are so much better than some places i have visited around the world. i am just glad that i live here anyways..

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