Intermission- For Bloggers Only

Before I sign off and continue packing for our trip to Klang, Malaysia tomorrow, I would like to announce to my readers that I’ve recently joined Snapbomb. It’s a site for bloggers and advertisers. For all the bloggers out there, if you want to earn creating buzz about certain products or companies, then I suggest you check out Snapbomb. It’s one of the latest site for blog marketing. Your earning will depend on the value of your site where they will calcuate the quality of your blog, traffic and other statistics. If you’re not a blogger but instead you have a product or service that you want to advertise and be known throughout the world wide web then maybe, you can also sign up to become an advertiser for this site.

It’s free and easy to join! Interested? Then better check out their site.

For the meantime, I’ll continue with my work and I’ll have to see all of you next week!

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