Intermission- On Templates and Themes

I have been searching for a perfect theme for this site for sometime now but haven’t found the perfect one yet. A few months ago, the Green Magic template (the template with trees and has a natural ‘environmental’ look) has been a favorite of mine and I thought would have blended well with my site. But then, it suddenly got messed up as some images were gone and a photobucket ‘bandwindth exceeded’ appears in place of the images.

So, for now I have to settle with this theme ‘Aspire’ as I look for my perfect theme. It’s too bad my site is not a wordpress blog since I have found a great site that offers beautiful wordpress themes. It also have added features where you can have your own customized control panel with 49 features, making it easy to customize a WordPress blog into a website OR a blog with three homepage layouts to choose from. Not to mention you also get a free support for any questions or problems you might encounter. If you have a WordPress blog and looking for the perfect theme for you, then you might want to check out this site.

Oh well, for this site of mine, I have to continue my search as this is not a WordPress site.

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