New York City Museums

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New York City is one of the cities that is also famous for its museums. I for one love to go to museums since I love the arts, relics, artifacts and all the other things that can give me a glimpse of the people, culture, history of the place . If we could go to New York , I would love to go to all these museums.

1) Metropolitan Museum of Art – This is one famous museum that has a collection of over 2 million works of Art. The ‘Met’ as commonly called has the world’s largest art galleries. I would love to see all the original paintings of Manet, Van Gogh, Homer, Cezanne among other famous painters. I wonder how it is to see all their paintings ‘live’ and not just see it from the books. With all the museum’s very precious and valuable collections , I’m sure they have the best art moving services to preserve them.

2) Museum of Modern Art– This museum holds an overwhelming exhibition of modern and contemporary art including works of architecture and design, paintings, sculpture, photography, illustrated print, film and electronic media. I would love to see the ” The Starry Night” painting by Vincent Van Gogh and “ The Sleeping Gypsy” by Henri Rousseau here.

3) Guggenheim Museum – A museum designed by my favorite architect Frank Llyod Wright showcases avant-garde art by early modernists.

Other Museums found in New York Ciy are the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, American Folk Art Museum and American Indian Museum. Well, I already have a list of museums to visit in New York City but the question remains, when could we possibly go there? :) LEt’s wait and see.

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