Peanut Kisses From Bohol

Aside from the Calamay, these peanut kisses are my favorite delicacy from Bohol. It’s made from peanuts, egg whites and sugar among other ingredients and shaped liked hershey’s kisses. It’s sweet and crunchy too. YUM! So, if you get a chance to go to Bohol better not miss buying this unique delicacy.

This has been an old time favorite ‘pasalubong’ or bring home item of Filipinos who visits Bohol. I could still remember how we would excitedly wait for family and friends to come back home whenever they go to Bohol. We would look forward for the Calamay and Peanut Kisses. :)

As years went by, the packaging of the Peanut Kisses has changed and it now uses a “metalized foil” packaging maintained freshness of the product. I find it’s packaging design a lot better now. It already has that ‘export’ quality look. And surely, they are now exported to different parts of the world. I’m glad to see how Bohol’s peanut kisses has evolved from a small scale business to a large company. It’s not just know all over the Philippines but different countries as well. I wonder if they hired a Marketing Company to help them market this delicious product.

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