Basic Thai Words Part 1

One challenge for tourists visiting Thailand is the language barrier since majority of the Thais can’t speak and understand English.

So, here is an ‘small’ list of basic Thai words that may help you get around Thailand – The Land of Smiles.


  • Hello – Sawatdee Khap ( for male speakers) Sawatdee Kha ( for female speakers)
  • Thank you – Khop Khun Khap ( for male speakers Khop Khun Kha ( for female speakers)
  • How are you? – Sabai Dee Mai Khap/Kha?
  • I’m Fine. – Sabai dee.


  • How much is this? – Thaw Raai Khap/kha?
  • It’s too expensive – Pheng Maak
  • Can you reduce the price? – Lot dai mai ?

Riding the Tuktuk

  • Go to (destination) – Paay (destination)
  • You can stop here – Jot thi ni khap/kha
  • How much per person? – Khun la thaw raai?
  • Turn right – Leeyaaw Kwaa
  • Turn left- Leeyaw Saay
  • Go Staight – Trong Paay
  • Slowly – Cha cha
  • Be careful – Rawang na.

To be continued….

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