Cebu Pacific Now In NAIA 3

When I was checking the flight schedules and rates online at the Cebu Pacific Site. I’ve found out that the Cebu Pacific’s International and Domestic Flights are now all in the NAIA3 Terminal. Wow, this is great news indeed.

Before, it was so much of a hassle to travel from other countries and then get a domestic fligth since you still have to go by shuttle bus or taxi from the International Airport to the Domestic Airport for your ‘connecting flight’. Now, if everything is in one roof, then I guess it’ll be easier.

I have read some complains though on the NAIA 3 terminal like ceilings fall off and structural defects. I can’t help but *sigh* with the state of our ‘worldclass’ buildings. Anyways, I’m already happy that at least the next time we travel through Cebu Pacific from Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to Manila and then Manila to our hometown Cagayan de Oro City, there’s no need to ride the shuttle bus or taxi just to go to the domestic airport which is a bit small and crowded.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait for our next travel to the Philippines before I can write my own share of reviews or rather complaints? hehehe! :)

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One thought on “Cebu Pacific Now In NAIA 3

  1. Thanks for the information sista! I just left Manila yesterday, but I flew with PAL. So, I don’t know anything about this!

    Next year some friends and I will be going to the Philippines for diving trips and we’ll fly Cebu. I’m so happy that we don’t need to transfer to the domestic airport again :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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