Culture Shock : From our 4 Year Old

I’ve posted about my Hubby’s culture shocks during his stay in the Philippines and my own Culture shocks in Malaysia. Well, our 4 year old also has her own share of shocks or observations.

We’ve only been here for 5 days but she has noticed quite a lot of things already. Here are tidbits of it and I’m sure more are to follow as we are going to stay here for quite a long period of time,

  • Culture Shock #1 : My Hubby asked her over Skype, “ Did you have any lessons for today? What did you learn today?” Her answer, “ Appa, today I have learned that you must not take out your slippers when you’re inside Granny’s house”. Hahaha! Slippers or shoes inside the house is quite shocking to her since she has always been taught to these out when we were in Malayisa and Thailand.

  • Culture Shock # 2 : We were at the back of the ‘multicab’ (like a small jeepney) and the she was mentioning the names of the people at the front seat. She started from left to right. “ That’s Uncle Manny, Mamay, Z boy and Granny!’ Then, her eyes widened and said, “ Granny can drive already???”… hahah! As you may have known , the driver’s seat is on the right side in Malaysia and Thailand.

  • Culture Shock # 3: We were walking from our house to the main road. Our house is in the interior part of the city ( near the river). So, we passed by tall grasses and trees. Then she said, “ This is fun! We are deep in the forest!”

That’s all for now. I’m sure there are more to come soon.

3 thoughts on “Culture Shock : From our 4 Year Old

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