Intermission- Another Great Find!

Some people are born writer while some people are not. I belong to the second category. I can write posts on this travel blog of mine since it’s more based on our experiences and stuff. But ask me to write a formal business letter career letter like cover letters or letter of application and I’ll go totally blank.

I just want to inform you my reader that I found a site that offers a multitude of professionally written, fully customizable letter templates for all occasions. From business, career, professional and personal letters, everything is available in this single site.

Now, I know where to go whenever I need to find the right words in writing these formal letters. I have just browsed through the site and there are even letter templates available for apologies and firing out a baby sitter. Great huh! Writing all these letters will be so easy and fast! We will soon be writing some thank you letters and stuff so, I guess this will indeed be a helpful site for me in the future.

I wonder what I’ll find next in the worldwideweb.. Maybe, a site that can write blog entries for me? I think that will be very helpful especially during the times when the blogger is experiencing writer’s block huh?

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