My Favorite Places #4 – Koh Raya Noi

Koh Raya Noi is one of the surrounding islands of Phuket, Thailand. We were able to go there 6 years ago when our friends blessed me and my Hubby by giving us a 3 day- 2 nights package for free!

We rode a 30 minute speed boat ride from Rawaii to Koh Raya Noi. The beautiful, glimmering, emerald waters and fine white sand welcomed us. My Hubby and I were in awe! It was just beauty beyond compare. Simply breathtaking!

The island was small and one thing which we appreciated was that it was not crowded at all. It was very quiet and peaceful. A place where you can truly rest and meditate on God’s beautiful creation.

Oh, how I enjoyed our stay there! I don’t know when we can go back there again.. if it’s still there. I once heard, that this island was badly affected by the tsunami.

Anwyays, for those who are interested: the package trip we had was a 3 days and 2 nights stay, plus a half day snorkeling, welcome lunch and speedboat trips. I don’t know how much it cost since our friends were the one who paid for us. :) Thank God for his favor through friends!

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