My Suvarnabhumi Airport Experience

I have heard a lot of negative reviews of Suvarnabhumi Airport when I was still in Thailand. Finally, I was able to set foot on Thailand’s premier airport last week as we flew from Hatyai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Manila.

I love the overall design of the airport though the main terminal quite similar to Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA). Officially opened on September 28, 2006, Suvarnabhumi Airport is now one of Asia’s busiest and largest airports.

Here is my share of observations and ‘complains’ :

  • Due to it’s size, passengers are really expected to walk long distance. So, one must be prepared to wear comfortable shoes and carry light hand carry bags. It would have been better if they provided ample of walkalators to give some rest for weary travelers.
  • The airport does not have good aircontioning. Our flights were at night so, it must be expected that the surroundings must be cool. But, it was very warm everywhere from the check-in areas to the restaurants around. I couldn’t imagine how warm it would be during the daytime
  • There were not enough seats for the passengers waiting at the check in area. There were so many counters in every section that could serve hundreds of passengers at the same time but seats are limited for only about 30 people.
  • But on a positive note, I still commend the Thai airport personnel for their service and courtesy. There are just so friendly and polite that sometimes you forget all the other discomfort we experience at the airport.

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