The Hatyai International Airport Experience

This was our first airport stop on the way to the Philippines. We have been here several times and I could still remember the first time I set foot on this airport 8 years ago. Nothing much has actually changed for 8 years. Even if this airport is kinda small for an international airport but it’s simple, clean and functional. No confusing signages or floor plans like big airports have.

What actually surprised me and pleased me as a Mom was that they allotted a small play area ( with a playhouse, slides and rides) for the kids at the boarding area. This was really a pleasant surprise and I do appreciate the staff for thinking of the kids and moms like me. Of course, our daughter was so happy! ( pictures to be downloaded soon) So, even of we had several minutes flight delay, it didn’t really matter much since the kids were happy.

I just hope more and more airports will include this facility in their airports. It would indeed save the kids from boredom and of course could let the parents relax and read a magazine while kids are playing.

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  1. the philippine domestic airport has this one too… i remember putting my kids inside the kiddie lounge while waiting to board the plane going to Butuan.

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