The Pedicab

The Pedicab or commonly known as “trisikad” to the Filipinos in Mindanao is one of the modes of transportation used in the city. Unlike, other tourist spots like in Malacca in Malaysia where the pedicabs are nicely decorated and only goes to the famous sites, our local trisikads just have the basic accessories and are commonly used to go to nearer and common destinations. One of the reasons people choose to use this method of transportation is because it’s cheaper and its cost is not affected by the rising oil price.

If you’re a foreigner visiting any of the provinces with ‘trisikads’ here , then maybe you could try to ride on one to experience how the locals travel. I for one likes to ride on one, because the ride is slow, windy and relaxing and another thing is it helps our locals earn a bit and help them make a living out if this job.

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