Things To Do In Songkhla

Songkhla is located at the southern province of Thailand which is also a great tourist destination especially after visiting and shopping in Hatyai.

Here is a list of suggested Things To Do In Songkhla if ever you get a chance to visit the province.

1) Relax and enjoy the view at Samila Beach. This is a long stretch of white sand beach that has a playground for kids, a line of restaurants, a picnic ground and a stage for hosting diffent ourdoor events. You can take a swim at this beach too but I’ve heard that there are quite a lot of jellyfish. So , just be careful

2) Take a picture with the famous Mermaid and Cat and Mouse Statue along Samila Beach.

3) Visit the Songkhla National Museum. The visit of a new place will never be complete without a visit of its museum. Here you can get a glimpse of the province’s history, culture and arts.

4) Feed the Monkeys found at the foot of Khao Tung Kuan Hill. I think there must be more than a hundred monkeys in this place and it’s quite fun feeding them.

5) Climb up the Khao Tung Kuan Hill. You don’t literally need to climb up to reach the top but ride an elevator instead. Once you’re on top, you can see a breathtaking view of Songkhla.

6) Visit the Songkhla Zoo. This is a good place to drop by if you’re traveling with kids and if you’re staying in the place for quite a long time. Visiting the zoo could take half a day and it will be better if you have your own transport in going inside and around.

7) Visit the Aquaria.. This is Songkhla’s latest attraction and unfortunately, we haven’t been to this place yet.

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