Traveling With Kids # 3

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We’ve got 2 active children and have been almost constantly traveling on the road this year and next year we will be traveling several times in and out of the country too.

My kids are not the type who sleeps whenever they ride the car but instead they get excited and become more active. With this experiences, I’ve somehow learn the ‘tricks’ in having a peaceful and enjoyable journey on the road even with active kids with us.

Here are some of my share of tips on

How to Travel (on the road) With Active Kids in Peace

1) Have a good night sleep with the kids and rest prior to the trip. There’s nothing more stressful than being with cranky children and a cranky mom due to lack of sleep. If you need to pack days earlier, then do so just so that you can rest well a day before the trip.

2) Bring Your kids’ favorite stuff : toys, books and activity books

3) Prepare a line of activities and games to be played in the car, plane, train or whatever mode of transportation you’re using. Games like : I spy with my little eye, cloud watching, Name Games, Sing alongs and etc.

4) Set a schedule for the trip like : 1) games 2) answer activity books 3) nap 4)play with toys, 5)snacks, 6) games ..and etc

5) Travel during the ” best time of the day” for your kids. The time when they are at their best mood or they’re most behave.

6) If the trip is too l0ng and they’re so bored and uneasy already. Bring out their surprise gifts. Theses are wrapped gifts for them to open during the trip it can be toys , sweets or anything that can help them lighten their mood. I’ve tried this with my daughter ( who was only 2 years old that time) when I traveled alone with her on the plane to the Philippines. We changed planes 3 times and she was tired and cranky but whenever I take out my surprise gifts, she would be excited and joyful again. It worked!

7) If you’re on the road, plan your stops if possible stop where there are playpens where you’re kid can play and move a bit after being in the car for hours.

8) When your kids are napping, take a deep breath, play soft music and rest.

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