Traveling With Kids #4 – Car Seats

As far as I know, Asia is not so strict with the ‘law’ to put the infants and toddlers in their own car seats.

We had car seats for our kids but the nature of our kids are different. They couldn’t keep still, and would cry and be so uneasy once they’re in the car seats. So we didn’t have a choice but to take them out and let them sit with me on my lap. I’m not sure if we were a bit late in putting them into the car seats or we just didn’t have the right car seat for them. We didn’t have an infant car seat so, we had to wait for them to be bigger so we could put them in the toddler car seat. You see our car seat were only given to us by our friend.

I realized that it’s not just safe to put our kids into the car seats when traveling but easier for parents too. I really regretted not ‘training’ them to be in their car seats because I end up so tired during our long distance travels as they they have to be on my lap for hours!

So, if you’re going to have children or already have one then try to check out first the best car seat for your kids and better start early. It’s for their safety and your convenience.

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