A Costly Experience

Even if we say, we have traveled far and wide but one can’t be too complacent and careless. Our family from the Philippines had an unforgettable experience last year when they visited us here in Thailand that resulted to a lot of hassles and money lost.

Early last year I booked a round trip ticket ( Cebu-Singapore) for them through Cebu Pacific Air. Since it’s a budget airline, its departure time is at the odd time. So, they safely arrived Singapore and traveled by road all the way to Thailand and stayed for a few weeks. Their return ticket was on October 26 that year ( which was a Saturday) at 12:20 AM. I’m not sure if we were all so excited for my baby’s delivery or they just enjoyed their time in Hatyai. BUT everyone completely forgot that if the flight was supposed to be at 12:30 AM on Saturday, means they must be at the airport by Friday night!! Unbelievably, everyone overlooked this very important piece of information and ended up going to the airport only on Satuday afternoon.. Aiyooo!!

To make the story short , the plane left them hours earlier even before they set foot on Singapore. So, my family didn’t have any other choice but to book another return ticket for them. But that’s just a summary of the whole ordeal that they experienced which they described it like joining the Amazing Race show :)

Anyways, a few months after that experience, I booked another tiket at Cebu Pacific Air and I noticed that they now placed a reminder on being a day earlier if your flight is at midnight. So, I guess it was not only our family who made that mistake but a lot of passengers too.

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