Christmas is in the Air!

Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season is the best time to go around and see the city. With all the department stores, establishments and buildings lighted up and well decorated with lanterns, Christmas lights, trees and etc., all the kids will surely be excited and happy to see the whole city! There has also been Christmas Tree Contests with the use of indigenous materials at Gaston Park during the previous years. I’m not sure if they’ll have it this year.

Even if it’s still another 43 days to go before Christmas, but almost all the shops already have that “Christmassy” feel with the Christmas songs and carols as your background while you shop. I’ll have to go around and take pictures of the Christmas decorations of the shops and mall around the city.With the Christmas season just around the corner, we can’t help but also start to think about buying gifts for our friends and loved ones. What about giving them christmas chocolate gifts like the image above? This basketful of chocolates and nuts doesn’t just look tempting but it’ll make a great Christmas center piece to your table. Looks great huh? This somehow gave me an idea to make something like this for our future cakes and Christmas goodies business. :)

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