Festivals In Camiguin

Festivals are usually a great time to visit a new place. Through witnessing a place’s festivities, we will be able to learn more about the local people and their culture. Below is a list of festivals of the Province Island of Camiguin with their respective dates.

spacer Lanzones Festival
(3rd weekend of October; movable) A two day grand festival of agri-cottages industry products in exhibits, barangay beautification, indigenous sports, tableau of local culture, grand parade of golden fruit found prolific and extra sweet in the entire province. The festival is Camiguin’s contribution to Mindanao as cultural destination.
spacer San Juan Hibok Hibokan
(June 24) held to honor St. John the Baptist. Venues of the festival are usually Cabu-an and/or Agohay Beaches. Water sports like boat races, fluvial processions/parade and coronation of Miss Hibok Hibokan are conducted. Celebrated in the entire province, residents go to the nearest beach and while away time until late afternoon.
spacer Panaad
(Holy Week) A pilgrim’s yearly trek around the island in observance of the Lenten season. Thousands of visitors make this island a Mecca as they converge at Bonbon for rituals or just getting together.
spacer May Festival
(Month of May) a month-long fiesta celebration of the barangays and town in Camiguin. It also features the searchy for the Rose of May and Santacruzan as the highlights of the celebration.
Schedule of Festivals taken from http://www.tourism.gov.ph

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