How to Get To Camiguin?

I’ve had some previous posts about Camiguin and you might be curious how to get to Camiguin. If you’re flying internationally, you can either fly to Manila via Ninoy Aquino International airport or Cebu International Airport. There’s another International airport near Manila, Clark International Airport where most budget airlines ( Tiger Airways, AirAsia) are but it’s quite tricky how to get to the Manila Domestic Airport if you’re a 1st timer.

From both International airports, you fly to Cagayan de Oro City which is like a starting point to the Province Island of Camiguin. From Cagayan de Oro, you now have two options;

1) Ride a Bus/Van to Balingoan from which is an hour and a half ride. Bus Ticket one way costs 130 Pesos. Then you ride a ferry boat that takes another hour to get to CamiguinIsland, costs 135 Pesos. Then from the Pier you can ride a van or jeepneys to your hotel or accomodation.


2) Ride the Fast Craft called Paras Sea Cat from the Cagayan de Oro Pier. Paras Sea Cat has just been launched last October 8 this year. A one way ticket costs 300 Pesos and the total journey is 2 hours.

So, you have two choices on how to get to Camiguin Island. Just a word of caution for the 2nd option, if you’re prone to sea sickness, then it’s best for you to take “Bonamin” tablets or any medicine that can help you with sea sickness. The 2 hour ride can be a rough one if the waves are high and the weather is bad.

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