Intermission – For Bloggers Part 2

I’ve got another good find for bloggers! You know how it is part of our lives as bloggers to search for photos endlessly to make our posts and blogs more appealing. We seek, copy, resize, upload and insert images. Sometimes the images can be so small and we don’t know hot to make it big. Other times, we can’t exactly find the right image which we’re looking for. And sometimes, we find the best image for our post but then its copyrighted. Tsk..tsk..tsk..

I usually experience this with my blog. Sometimes, I just don’t have my own images to post and if I do, it’s not really a great shot. So, I don’t have a choice but to search and seek for the right image in the world wide web and that takes a lot of time.

Well, I’ve found a site that has thousands of free images for bloggers to choose from. The images are great and has that professional touch. And because it’s for free then, there’s no need to worry about copyright. Now, we can tell our story better with great images. We can make our blog more appealing and therefore get more visits. Check it out!

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