Lechon Baboy

If you go for any Filipino special celebration or occasion, you won’t miss to see and taste the Lechon Baboy or Roasted Pig. In our ‘culture’, you can measure how grand the celebration is by how many Lechon Baboys are served or how big the roasted pig is.

It’s almost always a shock to any foreigner who sees this whole roasted pig for the first time. I could remember my Mom in law’s ( Malaysian Indian) reaction when she saw one during the engagement party we had with relatives. Last week, it was the first time for my daughter to see one too. And she also got a shock to see a pig on the table!

The Lechon Baboy’s skin is hard but a bit crunchy while the meat is soft, tender and juicy. If it’s not against your religion or health to eat one, then maybe you can have a taste of this favorite Filipino dish.

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