Luxury Holidays versus Budget Holidays

I guess most people dream of having luxury holidays in different countries. Who wouldn’t want to stay in 5 star hotels and be treated like a queen in luxury Caribbean holidays? But for us who can’t afford to have luxurious holidays but would want to travel in many places, we opt to stay in budget hotels, dine in cheap, local food shops and travel in economy class transportation. While other people opt for luxury self catering holidays. Though we won’t have the best accommodation, service and transportation for our budget holidays but if we plan them well, we could still be comfortable and have a pleasant holiday. We could still get to see and experience the culture, the nature and the beauty of the place where we’re visiting.

Personally for me, a holiday is a time to bond with my family, a time to relax, be refreshed. and a chance to be in a new place, experience their culture and food. So, even if I can’t stay in a 5 star accommodation (due to budget constraints) but as long as we’re comfortable, the fact itself that we were able to have a holiday is already enough to make us very happy. Oh, writing about this makes me long to have one.

One thought on “Luxury Holidays versus Budget Holidays

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