I’m just doing a little bit of researching on some places in the US and here is one of what I’ve found, Montana – a place of adventure and activities. As I’ve read, there are so many things to do in Montana that it’s impossible to list everything from biking, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, stay in Montana Resorts and a lot more.

But one MUST See in Montana would be the Glacier National Park. I guess it’s not enough to pass by and see the place but it’ll be a more beautiful experience to stay in a National Park Resort Lodge and behold the beauty of nature. I’ve seen some of the park’s photos and indeed the scenes are simply breathtaking. I’ve also come across a Glacier National Park Lodging that also has Tipis ( like the Indian Tents) for accommodation available. It’s shaped like an Indian tent from the outside but the interiors are equipped with modern comforts. I’m sure resorts like this adds excitement and adventure to Montana’s beautiful place.

Anyways, I’ll continue to do a bit of reading of beautiful places to see in the US and all over the world. As of now, let me travel with the use of the internet.

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