Moving house is one very stressful and tiring stage in every family’s life. Our family experienced moving from one house to another 3 years ago when we were still in Thailand. Even if the house that we moved to was only several houses away from our old house, but the amount of time and energy spent packing, moving, unpacking, arranging, assembling and etc. was just tremendous. How much more of we moved to a different province or much less a different country?

Anyways, when we finally moved to our ‘new’ house, it took us several months to really settle in, unpack and arrange. After that move, my Hubby and I decided that it would be our last move. But I guess, it’ll never happen as we will be moving to a new house next year when we go back to Thailand. Sigh… I could just imagine the hassles and the tiredness again. But it’s okay.. I don’t have to think about that yet since it will only be next year. I hope we could hire a mover like Boston Movers to make our move easier but I guess they don’t have that service in Thailand. I guess what we can do is to call our friends and ask them to help us.

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