Places I Want to See in Malaysia

Okay, I’ve got one item checked in my ‘must visit’ places in Malaysia and that was Malacca. As you can see I’m married to a Malaysian and when people ask me if I’ve been to Malacca, or some places in Malaysia, my answer would be “not yet”. And then, they would usually say, Really? You’re husband hasn’t brought you there yet?. Hahah! But I think it’s because we are based in Thailand and that’s why we can’t really go around Malaysia that much. But anyways, I’ve finally set foot in Malacca and we’re planning to go back there again.

But, there are still a lot of places that I want to visit in my Hubby’s beautiful country, Malaysia. So, I hope that one of these days I would be able to go to these places too.

1) Cameron Highlands – This is a cold place since it’s obviously a “highland” and where the famous Boh Tea plantation is located. People who have been here really enjoys the cold weather. I’ve also seen some photos of Cameron Highlands and I admire the beautiful scenes and sights.

2) Perhentian Islands – This is an Island from the East Coast. Our Norweigan friends have been here and they just love the place. Maybe can be a nice get away for me and my HUbby.. but we better wait for our kids to grow older before thinking of ‘get aways’ and honeymoons. :)

3) Bukit Merah – Hahah! I haven’t been to Bukit Merah yet and to think this place is so next to my Hubby’s hometown, Taiping. But we are planning to go there next year as we will be on a 1 year we have more time to go around.

4) Sabah and Sarawak – Places with many interesting sights.

5) Johor Baru– Actually, I don’t know much about Johor Baru. We’ve passed by this State when we rode the bus from Singapore but it would be nice to see and find outwhat’s interesting in this city.

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  1. Last vacation I took up my Malaysia accommodation at a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands where the weather is cool and the atmosphere is serene. A real nice place to 'take it easy'!

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