Road Trip!

How great it is to travel by road to different places! But I guess the experience will be greater if one has a big, comfortable vehicle like SUVs or Vans. This is indeed an ideal family vehicle as it’s very spacious and comfortable. Imagine, the kids sitting for hours in a cramp car? it must be a torture for them and that must explain their uneasiness and boredom.. And result? Cranky travelers! :). But as our family is still small, our car will do for us and in fact we’re very thankful for it already. The car that we have right now is a good second hand car that has been given to us. It hasn’t been in an accident and therefore has no Diminished Value when our friend bought it. Anyways, back to cranky kids, we just have to be creative to keep our kids occupied and keep them from feeling cramp and bored. We also make a lot of stops for our pre schooler to play ( as some rest areas in Malaysia has playgrounds for the kids) and my Hubby ( the driver ) to rest and relax. Going on a road trip that’s unhurried and relax would make the trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

One thought on “Road Trip!

  1. Road trip, truly. Many hours on the road getting to where different individuals were, but those hours were well rewarded by the connections made, for the future of the church in Malaysia. Not to mention the miles in the air.


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