Things To Do in Camiguin

Plans are being made now for our family to go to Camiguin either in December or January. We have a cousin who lives there and she has invited us to stay in her house during our stay. That means a lot of money saved from accommodation costs. I’ve been to the Island of Camiguin several years ago. I’m not sure if there are a lot of changes in the place after so many years. But I’m sure the Places to Go in Camiguin remains the same.

So, here is a list of things to do in the Province Island of Camiguin

1) Take photos or bathe in Katibawasan Falls – This is a 250 meter high waterfalls which is a very refreshing sight. We’ve bathe here before and I could still remember that the water was not deep and it was very cold.

2) Enjoy the beauty of the White Island – You have to rent a pump boat to be able to go to this beautiful , uninhabited white island with turquoise waters. This is ideal place for swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing. There are no shade or trees on this island so, if you don’t want to get sunburned then better bring your sunblock lotions, shades, umbrellas and etc. :)

3) Take a look at Sunken Cemetery – The Sunken Cemetery can just be seen from the road. You can get down the car and take pictures of it. We got to see this cemetery during our 2 hour ride around the whole island. But if you love to dive or snorkel, you can also take a closer look of the remains of this cemetary that is lying 20 feet underwater.

4) Take a dip in Ardent Hot Springs – This is a natural hot spring and its ideal to bathe or take a dip at night.

5) Swim in the Sto. Nino Cold Spring – This is and ideal place for picnic and swimming. There are pools for kids and also for the adults. The water from the spring is icy cold.

6) Visit the Old Catarman Church Ruins – For a bit of history on the island, you can visit the Old Catarman Church Ruins.

These are only 6 of the many activities to be done and places to see in Camiguin. There are more beaches, springs and diving spots to choose from. But as for now, I’ll leave you with these. :)

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