Travel Tip # 5

When traveling, always keep your valuables in a safe place. Keep your passport, wallet and air tickets in waist stash money/passport belt. There are thin belt bags that are available anywhere. Your valuables can be hidden inconspicuously under your shirt and therefore, be safe. Make sure to buy the durable one. These belt bags are really a life saver specially when you’re a foreigner that stands out in the crowd, then you’ll be a primary target for pickpocket or snatching.

I’ve heard of many experiences from friends and relatives who traveled abroad and put their money and passports inside their hand bags. Then, their bags got snatched and so their passports and money. It’s really a big hassle and a lot of headache to lose your passports in a foreign land. I have my share of experienced too. I was too complacent and forgot about the money I put inside my pocket, after reaching the airport, my money was gone. I don’t know if it got stolen or it fell down. I should have put it in a safe place. Tsk..tsk..tsk.

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