Travel Tip # 6 – Plan Your Vacation

Vacations must be well planned and even several months before the scheduled trip. Planning months ahead can save you a lot of hassles and money. As for our family, we plan our trips more than 6 months before the actual travel. With that time span we will be able to save money and look out for the cheapest deals in airline tickets. Sometimes, there are even flight promos that we couldn’t resist ( which are usually several months ahead the travel date) and then we just base our vacations during those times.

Just like our October trip here in the Philippines ( from Thailand), we booked our ticked last March when Cebu Pacific had this promotion. We were originally scheduled to leave in December but because of the promo flights, we adjusted our scheduled instead.

But there are times when trips are unplanned and end up booking last minute flights. I heard there are still cheap flights that caters to these so called unplanned trips and you can even book your last minute hotels. But as a rule of the thumb: Plan ahead to avoid the rush and the hassles.

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