Traveling by Ship

The Philippines is an archipelago of about 7, 107 islands and islets. It is divided by 3 main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. So, you can imagine that one of our mode of transportation to travel to different islands is by ship.

Several years ago, before budget airlines where common, I usually travel by ship since my University is in Luzon while I’m from Mindanao. I loved to travel by ship because it gave me time to sleep, read books and enjoy the beauty of nature. . I usually ride Superferry and at that time the facilities of the ship was good. I like to stay in the Cabin accomodation where you can have some privacy and peace. I could still remember the time when I was just sitting by my cabin window and a saw group of dolphins happily swimming beside the ship. Some ships have a library, good cafeteria, fastfood, sun deck and one had a swimming pool. It was like being on a budget cruise ship. :)

But I’m sure cruise ships are far more luxurious and comfortable. Imagine having a 5 star accommodation and at the same time traveling to many tourists spots of different countries. I would love to cruise the Mediterranean. My dream destination is Greece and it’ll be a dream come true if I get a chance to do a Mediterranean cruise. Wow!! I wonder if this dream of mine will ever come true. :) Anyways, I’ve found this site that offers Mediterranean cruises and you might want to check it out.

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