Vjandep Pastel From Camiguin

It’s like I’m in a ‘Camiguin Craze’ for the past days, since most of my posts are about the Island. I surely hope our Camiguin plans will push through this December or early next year. Anyways, if ever I want a taste of Camiguin, I could always buy a box VJandep Pastel from their branch or any leading supermarket here in Cagayan de Oro City.

This delicious delicacy is a bun with sweet and creamy filling inside. I’m not sure what the filling is made of but I think it’s more like condensed milk and eggyolk because it tastes like ” yema”. Anyways, I have to check the ingredients when we buy it next time. Oh..writing about this now makes me crave for it.

It’s amazing how this Camiguin delicacy has become so famous. I’m sure it’s because of its delicious taste. I could remember several years ago that this was only famous in the island and you can’t get it anywhere else but there. But now, they have brances outside Camiguin and it can be bought almost anywhere. I’m not sure if they hired a Marketing Company to do this great job but I hope it’ll come to a point of fame that it can be exported worldwide like the Cebu Dried Mangos.

7 thoughts on “Vjandep Pastel From Camiguin

  1. I love to eat vjandep Pastel. Just last Sunday afternoon, I bought 1 box (but 6 pcs only)…That evening, I finished eating 5 of them, hehehe..(1 was for chloe coz she doesn’t like to eat anything sweet that much)

  2. I'm a pastel addict 😀 Vjandep is in Ketkai right now for the Kahimunan Trade Fair. Since the Vjandep products are straight from the factory, prices are really low. And they have other flavors aside from the regular yema filling. Visit them now! ehehe

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