A Traveler’s Nightmare

A few years back, my work entailed a lot of traveling in different cities in Mindanao and Visayas. Most of these travels require an over night stay in the area thus I get the chance to sleep in the hotels.

In one particular city, my co-worker and I stayed at this nice and cozy hotel. It looked so clean and new. We just got in the room and my friend just sat on her bed. Then suddenly, she was already scratching her arms. We didn’t really mind it at first but then she was already scratching everywhere and was wondering what it is that bit her. Then we checked her arms and then the bed. Then, lo and behold, we saw a lot of bed bugs on her bed. Then I checked mine and there were bugs there too! It was really an unbelievable sight!

So we called the attention of the hotel and told them about the bedbugs. It was already night time and we’re too tired to move to another hotel. So, we just asked for another room “without the bedbugs”. And true enough, we were accommodated in a bug less room. :)

That was truly a bad experience. Staying in hotels that has bugs, fleas, roaches and etc. are a traveler’s nightmare. The hotels must keep their surroundings clean to avoid bug of flea infestation. If not, they will surely lose out their precious customers.

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