Extended Vacation

Our family is going on a 1 year break. I would want it to be a 1 year Holiday or Vacation but then, once we talk about vacation, there’s always a budget that is involved. It would be nice to just travel to different places, cities or even countries for the whole year.

If I’m allowed to dream, I would like to bring my Hubby to the different places in the Philippines like Bohol, Vigan, Baguio, Palawan and Camiguin. Then, since my Hubby is from Malaysia, I would also like to visit the 12 different states of Malaysia including the East. Even if we’ve resided in Thailand for 6 years, we haven’t been to Chiangmai or any provinces in the North. And it would be an added bonus to visit Thailand’s neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Okay, enough of dreaming, let me get back to reality. I wonder, how much would the over all expenses be if we go and visit all these places? Hahaha! I’m sure it’ll cost a LOT! We won’t be able to afford to go to all these places in a year’s time unless we loan some money. somewhere. But then, theCollection Agency will be running after us after a year.. :) Just kidding.

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