Getting Lost in KL

Kuala Lumpur is quite a tricky place to drive especially for us who are not living there. I could remember a few months ago when we got lost in the city. We drove to our friends’ house in Subang Jaya and we were so proud of ourselves that we were able to reach their house without getting lost. We’ve been to their house quite a few times already but it seems that we get lost every time we go there.

We had a splendid time with our friends. They brought us for Mexican food at La Caritas in Taipan, Subang Jaya and for a yummy dessert at Dessert Bar at Subang Parade. Full and contented with our night-out with friends we happily went back home. It was already quite late when we drove home. And guess what, we missed our turning to Port Klang.. or rather I missed it.. as you can see I’m a self declared GPS for my Hubby and I told him to keep straight when he was supposed to turn left! Tsk…tsk… So we ended up going all the way to West Port where they dock the Star Cruise Ships since there was no u-turns, left or right turns on the way. It was just a loonnng stretch of road. So, you could imagine that we wasted so much of gas and time for just one miss turn.. whew! And we thought that we’re already good and wouldn’t get lost here in Malaysia.

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