Night Cafe in Cagayan de Oro

One of the favorite places for the Kagay-anons to hang out is at the Night Cafe during the weekends. During the weekends, the Divisoria area is closed to give way for the shops and stalls to display their products to be sold.

On one side you can find all the cheap second hand items from bags, shoes, eye wear and etc. while on the other side are all the food shops with grilled chicken, Cagayan delicacies and drink. It’s really a great and fun site to be with a lot of people all around. You just have to be a bit careful though with your bags and wallets. But all in all, it’s a great place to shop! Happy Shopping everyone!

Photos to follow soon

One thought on “Night Cafe in Cagayan de Oro

  1. It not only water rafting is the best thing to do in Cagayan de Oro, sometimes it is also about shopping at a low cost. Night Cafe will ensure you that you have bought something after a long night.

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