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My friend once offered me to get a webhosting service. As you can see, this blog is still under blogspot.com. It will really be good if this blog get it’s own domain name and under a web hosting service. But I guess I have to wait for awhile before that becomes a reality. I still have a lot of things to arrange and settle.

For the meantime, maybe I can take time to read through the different reviews and articles offered at web hosting geeks. It’s quite interesting to note that they’ve ranked the top 10 web hosting – Best web hosts for 2008. They also have some guide on getting the best web host. They even have a list of the worst web hosts too. If you’re interested to get your own web host provider then maybe you can check this site too.

Oh, writing a blog or running a site really entails a lot of things and not to mention, some work and research. But it is indeed fun and rewarding especially after you see the fruits of your labor.

Surely, my next step will be getting a web host for my blog or blogs. I’ll be on a higher dimension on my blogging experience then.. Well, all the best to me!

3 thoughts on “Other Business

  1. well, you actually don’t need to as of now… having a high pr and all. once you get your own domain it will go away.

    i dunno why i can’t take this one. such a waste. it is still green in my list.

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