Saga Tech Swimming Pool

Saga Tech Swimming pool is the newest place for the Kagay anons to go for a swim or have a picnic during the weekends. It’s actually a swimming pool of an unfinished hotel. We’re not sure when the hotel is going to be finished since it looks like the building process has stopped.

Saga Tech has two pools – for adults and kids. I guess the best time to go to this place is during weekdays as it’s not so crowded and noisy. This place is not really a great tourist attraction like the Timoga pools in Iligan but it’s like the first and biggest resort-like pool in the city. Not to mention, the entrance fee ( 25 pesos for children and 40 pesos for adults) is also quite affordable to the everyone.

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  1. hi, i just want to know if you got a contact number for this hotel and resort..i just would like to ask some queries…thank you

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