Sports Fan

Are you an avid sport fan? My Hubby is and he loves football. He even dreams to watch at least one live football match in his life. It’s okay if he wants to watch any football game. But then, he dreams to go to Liverpool, England to watch his favorite team- Liverpool of course! Now hat Airasia is flying to London, I think that’s not such an impossible dream anymore. Who knows, Airasia might give free seats to London. Heheh!

In US, a lot of people are also crazy about football but the American Football ( yes, entirely different game ball from the other kind of football or soccer). Stadiums are always packed with people during the NFL games. People in support of their favorite teams love to wear NFL jerseys too. I’ve seen this site which sells NFL Football outfit for kids complete with jersey, pants and helmet and is packaged in its own box. I’m sure the kids will look so cute wearing their own football attire. This will indeed make great Christmas gifts especially for kids who love the game. I would love to see my li’l boy wearing these kinds of outfit. I remember that my Hubby wanted to buy for him Liverpool jersey, but then nothing fits him yet since he’s still so small.

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