Survivor Philippines in Koh Tarutao

Three more episodes to go and the 1st sole Survivor Philippines will be known. When we arrived here in the Philippines two months ago, I was just curious to watch an episode or 2 of the show. I was curious to see Koh Tarutao which is just 2 hours away from our place in Thailand. I haven’t been to Koh Tarutao yet but my HUbby and I have been planning to go to there only when our kids are a bit grown up.

Anyways, after watching and episode, I started to get intrigued with the lives of the castaways and been regularly watching it since then. I have my own favorites from Verns to Nanay Zita and now, JC. I see that JC is really worthy to win not just because he’s physically strong but I can see that he has a good heart too.

Back to Tarutao Island, I’ve heard a lot of good reports from friends who have been there and I can’t wait for kids to grow up and enjoy the island.

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