Amazing Thailand!

I miss Thailand at this time especially when we are currently experiencing some calamities here in Cagayan de Oro. Of course, Thailand is not exempted from all the floods and typhoon. I also remember that we were there during the 2000 Flood in Hatyai where the whole city was literally submerged in water up to 2 meters high. Thankfully, the house which we were staying was not flooded. But we saw how the government and the NGO’s were so quick in addressing the peoples need.

Anyways, back to Thailand.. what’s so amazing about it? Here’s my list:

1) The People. They never cease to smile and be so polite. I remember witnessing a motorbike accident. Both got some bruises and a bit of cuts but they immediately got up from there bikes. The other one quickly ‘wai’ to the other one and said ‘Kho thoot” (sorry) and the other party smiled and said ” Mai pen rai!” ( It’s okaY) . They talked for awhile, wai-ed and both of them went their way. Wow! If that was in a different place, I’m sure the motorists could have ended up in a heated argument, blaming each other and etc. But, not in amazing Thailand. We have witnessed countless of incidents in which we saw the friendliness and politeness of the people.

2) The Place. The beaches.. the malls.. the nature.. the waterfalls.. everything is so beautiful.. there is just a lot of things to see and places to go.

3) The Shops. There are a variety of shops but I’m amazed with the shops that has very cheap and affordable prices, from clothes, to bags, accessories and grocery items. I guess some people are not just amazed with the prices in retail shops here but also in clinics and hospitals. A lot of people come here to have normal surgery, cosmetic surgery like breast enhancement or face lifts and the like. But I’ve also heard of MYA Cosmetic Surgery that offers a range of affordable, flexible finance packages to help create the new you!

4) The Food. I was not really a person fond of spicy food, but staying in Thailand for 6 years made me love everything about Thai Food. Eating Thai food is a wonderful experience of a variety of tastes and flavors. Food is delicious from the simple hawker shops in the streets to the most posh restaurant in town.

Oh, posting about this makes me mis Thailand all the more.. I better stop writing now.. :)

2 thoughts on “Amazing Thailand!

  1. i love everything about Thailand too. Glad we had that 8-day long vacation last year. Dunno when I can go back there again… but I’m sure we will… with kids this time.

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