Gardens of Malasag Eco- Village Touris

Softly nestled within the slopes of Cugman watershed in Cagayan de Oro City is a cultural domain of natural wonders aptly called the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village.

Conceptualized in 1991, this ecology friendly cultural habitat was dreamily inspired by the picturesque gardens of Granada in Spain and Bouchart Gardens of Canada.

With a breathtaking view of the Macajalar Bay, the Gardens of Malasag distinctly sits on 7.2 hectares, prominently etched with nature and eco-trails, connecting to a 800 hectare reforestration area.

The Gardens of Malasag gives you a colourful glimpse of the ecology and rich ethno-Filipino heritage of Northern Mindanao showcased through various artifacts, customs and tradition, flora, and fauna amidst a reforestation setting.

As a key component of the village, the Tribal Homes is a treasure trove of traditional and indegenous artifacts. The Ethnic Museum, offers a bastion of hand-on experiences of handicrafts, musical instruments indegenous and endemic ornamentation and weaponry.

The Collection of labeled Flora and Fauna showcase is a must-see destination for environmental awareness. This eco-cultural have is considered a meaningful learning center for the greater understand, appreciation and enhancement of education, science, cultural and ecological interests.
* The article above is taken from the leaflet of Garden of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village
Interesting things to do at Eco Village:

1) Get to see the breathtaking view of the Macajalar Bay and parts of Cagayan de Oro city from the Higaonon Resto Cafe

2) Visit the different tribal houses and see the native people dance their traditional dance or sing their local songs from their native instruments.

3) Experience the thrill of walking on a hanging bridge.

4) See the beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly Garden.

5) Stay for a night or two in their air conditioned cottages that gives you a spectacular view of the city.

6) Pitch a tent at the Campsite then take a refreshing splash at the swimming pool.

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