Latest Update: Cagayan de Oro Floods

A photo from the January 3 Flood in Barangay Balulang
Cagayan de Oro is at its wettest this time. Just last week, a flash flood had occurred in many parts of the city and today, another flood has taken place. Many parts of Barangay Nazareth, Bulua, Lapasan , Opol and other areas are badly affected. I suppose this flood is mainly due to the heavy rain that has been pouring non-stop since last night and secondly, due to our poor draining system. Just this afternoon, we have heard that there was a landslide in Silver Creek Subdivision and other parts of the city.

As a Kagay-anon, I’m so sad with this event. I thought that last weeks ( January 3) flood incident would be the last of its kind. I just hope that once again, my beloved city will be free of floods and other disasters.

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