Luggage and Travel

Choosing the best Luggage is really important in every travel. Your luggage depends on the kind of trip that you plan to have. I remember the time when when I brought this beautiful red luggage when I travelled with my two kids without my Hubby. I decided to use it because it’s big, chic and looks like a Designer Luggage! It’s also made of leather and I thought it won’t truly give way even if I practically packed everything there. But later did I realized, I chose the wrong bag when we were already midway walking through Suvanabhumi Airport. I felt that my shoulder and hands were the one that gave way because it was simply too heavy!
Oh, how I wish I chose a lighter luggage or the one with wheels on it. I’ve just heard about the great Hartman Luggage or Vera Bradley Luggage. They got great luggages and I’m sure I wouldn’t have suffered any arm or shoulder pains after my travel.

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