The Country Village Hotel 2


This is my second post about Country Village Hotel, Cagayan de oro and this time, I’m also posting the photos.

We stayed here last month for a couple of days and we enjoyed it. Though the rooms are quite bare and too simple but we just love their pool. A great place to swim for kids as the kiddie pool has a slide and fountains. They also have a small playground at the side but make sure to put on some mosquito repellents for kids as there are a lot of mosquitoes.

This hotel has one of the cheaper room rates at 1,500 pesos with free breakfasts for 2 people. breakfasts are quite nice with a choice of American or Continental Breakfast. The hotel staff are also nice and friendly.

So, if you’re not to choosy with hotel interior design or accessibility, then this hotel will be good for you.

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