What Makes a Good Vacation

We go for a vacation for different reasons but I’m sure most of us go on a vacation to relax and take a break. What makes a good vacation then? These are my answers.

1) Having good quality time spent with family or friends. If a vacation is too busy, getting up so early in the morning and coming back home late at night so to see all the famous places and landmarks at a very short period of time, then I surely won’t enjoy that. For me, I don’t mind not getting to step on all the city’s famous landmarks as long as I have time quality time to bond with family and loved ones.

2) Having a good, clean and comfortable place to stay. I’m not looking for 5 star hotel accommodation because I might end up staying in my room the whole day as to enjoy the luxury of it but as long as our room is clean, comfortable to have a good night sleep then that would be great. I don’t want to spend my night killing bed bugs so, the room must be squeaky clean so, as not to have sleepless nights.

3) Having enough budget to afford the other extras in the place. And it means, that we must have saved enough money for the vacation. It would be such a pity if we go on a vacation but would not be able to taste its famous delicacies or step into their most famous landmarks ( with a fee) because of lack of budget. So, we must save..save..save..

4) Befriending the locals, eating their local food and experiencing their culture... wow! That’s what I love most about traveling.

2 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Vacation

  1. having a good vacation for me is to have time for reflections, good book… and yes, quality time with family/friends.

    going for an activity that a place is famous for is my priority though. shopping comes second (ehem).

    and no kids. LOL!

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